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The best grade handcraft furniture and home furnishing essentials, whose stellar build quality and exquisite design are in a league of their own.

About Us

Furniture are not simply a group of essential wares bound to serve household duties like storage and comfort media for its occupants, but have far transcended their purpose to become an integral part of the aesthetics and visage of a living space. To further embellish your homes and add to their appeal, Shri R. B. Export offers an outstanding range of furniture whose marvelous design elements, their understated styling and exceptional build quality are markers of their craftsmanship.

Since the inception of our company in 2013, we made a name for ourselves not only in our domestic market, but also a number of overseas destinations too such as United Kingdom, USA and France ,wherein our export offerings are held in high regard experience considerable demand. Backed by posse of qualified designers and expert marketing personnel, we have established ourselves as a noted Manufacturer and Exporter of products such as Handicraft Furniture, Aviator Furniture, Dressing Tables and Beds to name a few.

What Do We Offer ?

We offer a diverse portfolio of furniture whose stellar design and unrivaled build quality are no less than exemplary and a personification of class and elegance. Following is the range of products we deal in:
  • Handicraft Furniture
  • Aviator Furniture
  • Airman Furniture
  • Dining Tables
  • Almira
  • Bed
  • Chair
  • Cupboard
  • Dressing Table
  • Trolly
Aesthetics and Furniture : An Everlasting Bond

No interior space is deemed complete without furniture and when it comes to providing them a character, hand crafted ones are the most obvious choice to accomplish the same. Is it not a striking sight and a source of keen enthusiasm when we gaze upon royal paintings only to make a note on the attention to detail on the material aspects such as furniture and other paraphernalia, which gives us a clear insight into the tastes of those folks.

Well, the gist is that we have always been fascinated by articles or wares that are ornately decorated and have been polished accordingly to make them stand out from the rest without compromising their utility. Shri R. B. Export has all such cravings of the art loving and aesthetic aficionados covered through its highly revered and supreme grade furniture and home furnishing essentials whose design is a fusion of arts and modern elements.

The raw appeal and cosmopolitan visage that a well curated and artistically refined furniture like a dining table provides cannot be compared to other decor elements, thanks to their underlying purpose whose practical realization serves as an added satisfaction.

So, wait no more and add that elegance and charisma to your home you have always longed for and let your guests be in awe of the magnetism and class that your living space and make them a fan of yours.